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About Urbance. Would it be right to think it's a critic of the current ideals and views of the modern day like The Crooked Man is. Through a mirror reversal of the current situations of modern day times to broadcast the evil that it is? Or no.
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Or straight people could watch one of the many already existing pieces of film/television about how hard it is to be queer because that’s what 90% of mainstream queer stories are allowed to be. Why does it need to star straight cispeople to magically be relatable? It’s not subtle, it’s not satire. it’s just WOW WHAT IF WE FLIPPED IT!! and completely missed their own point by villainizing queer people in the exact piece of work allegedly being used to show how queer people are wronged… by letting straight cispeople be victimized.


Urbance is literally about forbidden hetero romance in a land where everyone is gay. evil gay overlords stoppin the hetero. the designs are gorgeous but be aware of what you’re potentially funding. Not saying funding it is that black and white either -it’s nice to see a cast that is primarily black, for instance, but every time Urbance info goes around I end up seeing people get disappointed when they learn the premise.


DAFT PUNK - Speed of SoundI am painting with relax, so it take a few days to complete.


DAFT PUNK - Speed of Sound
I am painting with relax, so it take a few days to complete.

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How do you listen to rap and just ignore the misogyny.
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how do u talk to and love ur dad and ignore the fact that he thinks you are wired to take care of a baby and be bad at math 



- Tupac Shakur

we needed him, i wish his time didnt come to an end so soon.