Gay men have become the livestock of Animal Farm. For years we as a community have railed against the use of slurs like “f****t” that have buried so many gay youth — that buried so many of us. In the sports world, language like that is quite possibly the biggest barrier to more gay athletes coming out, creating a culture they believe won’t accept them.

Yet when presented with the opportunity to listen to our trans brothers and sisters about the power of words that hurt them, we call them “overly sensitive” and tell them to get over it.

We are all equal, but some LGBT people, it seems, are more equal than others.

Cyd Zeigler: What We’ve Failed to Remember With the T Word (slurs are not censored at the link)


if you’re really lucky you can find someone who is beautiful even in their imperfections and they make you happier than finding out your dog came back to life on pay day.

then you grow with them and you subtly start to adapt aspects of their personality and its really cute. the good aspects not the bad ones like eating mushrooms or having a foot fetish or being a cop


Vermander —> Chryvern —> Moduzagon

Bug, Bug / Dragon, Bug / Dragon

Artist: Smiley-Fakemon


why can’t there be more male characters like ned stark: good, noble

tragically killed to further the character development of his wife and children